Best Practices and Solutions


The best practice, which is no-risk and has the highest probability of return, is to outsource the location and recovery of unclaimed financial assets to specialized experts employing sophisticated search algorithms and data mining technologies and processes. Here’s why:

• Considerable time and resources have been invested to gather information about unclaimed assets from hundreds of sources around the world.

• Sophisticated search algorithms and processes have been engineered to quickly and efficiently search all available domestic and international databases.

• These processes can establish both historical business ownership and current corporate lineages, and recognize and correct errors in names and addresses so that assets that were deeply buried can be uncovered and the owners contacted. Research into family or corporate histories establishes extensive lists of possible names to be searched.

• Property information, along with corporate histories, feeds into customized systems, allowing the tracing of owners of unclaimed financial assets.

• Updating of this information is dynamic and ongoing ensuring that searches can be conducted in real time and on an ongoing basis as source data is refreshed at varying intervals.

• Efficient claim processes allow for filing of claims with unknown values, or in a master claim format allowing for maximum returns.

• In jurisdictions where fees are charged against the asset values on an ongoing basis for maintenance of the asset records, efficiency of the searching and claiming processes ensures maximum possible recovery.

• Experienced process management to automate searches allows for minimal work on the part of the client: they simply sign the claim forms to start the process.

When contemplating unclaimed financial asset location and recovery the governments, businesses and residents often elect to outsource their search for dormant and unclaimed assets. The potential benefits when outsourcing this activity to industry experts are always greater than the costs and risks.

Today, the owners of dormant and unclaimed assets can profit from the significant investments made by asset recovery firms in new technologies and process management. The bottom line for many individuals, corporations and government agencies can be enhanced with no risk and little effort by engaging a professional asset recovery company that will ensure all unclaimed financial assets anywhere in the world will be successfully located and recovered for them.

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