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It is estimated that at any point in time Canadian Federal and Provincial government agencies are holding more than $10 billion in unclaimed money and other property that has accumulated over many years. In the United States, state governments recently took possession of $23 billion worth of unclaimed money, of which less than $1 billion was reclaimed. You, or your business, may be the owner of some of these unclaimed assets and may benefit from asset recovery service.

Nobody knows for sure how much money is actually out there waiting to be recovered. Estimates range from $30 Billion to over $100 Billion in North America alone. Experts agree that governments and private companies are in possession of billions of dollars and nobody is actively trying to find you to reunite you with your funds.

Having an unclaimed financial asset is actually much more common than you would expect. They can range from a long forgotten bank account, to a dividend or interest cheque that a business or individual failed to collect on after relocating, to bankruptcy settlements not received. Perhaps a life insurance policy was forgotten, or an heir moved before an estate was settled. These are just a few examples of situations that could result in an unclaimed financial asset.

With over 30 million unclaimed property records valued in excess of $10 Billion, AssetMine has assembled Canada’s largest database of unclaimed or dormant financial assets and specializes in recovering these funds for:

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